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Admission Guidelines

The RESPECT Program will select participants on the basis of academic excellence; nationality is irrelevant to eligibility and selection. However, instruction will be in Japanese and the practical work included in the program will be conducted in part in regional communities in Japan. Applicants must therefore demonstrate a high level of Japanese language ability, both written and spoken.

Applicants are required to complete application documentation in Japanese and entrance interviews will also be conducted in Japanese.

Please refer to the Japanese language website (http://respect.hus.osaka-u.ac.jp/recruitment/) for information on Application Guidelines and documentation required.

Attributes of Ideal Participants

The ideal program participant will:

  • Be self-motivated.
  • Have a strong vision for a society where people with diverse social and cultural backgrounds coexist.
  • Be sincerely interested in a wide range of problems related to the coexistence of diverse peoples.
  • Have respect for the cultures of other countries and ethnic groups.
  • Possess strong communication skills, allowing effortless interactions regardless of ethnicity, generation, or gender.
  • Have empathy for others.
  • Demonstrate skills necessary to be a global leader.
  • Display a broad-range of knowledge that is not biased towards either the natural or social sciences, nor the humanities.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply theory to practice.


Graduate students scheduled to enroll in the Graduate School of Human Sciences at Osaka University in April on the Master’s Program leading to a full doctoral program are eligible to apply.

Note that students will not be allowed to enroll in more than one Program for Leading Graduate Schools.