RESPECT: new models for multicultural coexistence based on respect for others

What are “new models for multicultural coexistence”?

   Nationalities, ethnic groups, languages, religions, gender differences, sexual orientations, medical history, experience of disability, age differences….today, the attributes that make up multicultural societies are becoming ever more diverse. At the same time, globalization has caused a rapid increase in the rate of interaction among people of difference social backgrounds in ever more varied contexts.

   This program has been designed in response to this modern framework, and seeks to aid the creation of creative and constructive models for coexistence among people with diverse social and cultural backgrounds, in which all parties acknowledge, help and enhance one another, working in harmony to create new value and new returns. These models go well beyond the traditional definition of multicultural coexistence, in which members built relationships of equality to form a single coherent community, representing instead an entirely new future-oriented approach.

Who are “multicultural innovators”?

   This visionary program will produce multicultural innovators, inventive and inspiring leaders who are able to develop and implement creative models for coexistence, in accordance with the principles of the program as set out on the left.

   Multicultural innovators will be required to develop multicultural competencies in the form of advanced-level literacy in six areas: global, multilingual, policy, research, fieldwork, and communication. After graduation they will be well placed to take up positions as the leaders of social innovation in international organizations, global corporations, government, local authorities, universities, research institutes, and NGOs.